Saturday, December 8, 2007

Upgrade to FC8

Fedora Core 7 was pretty cool when it was released. I showed all the guys and girls at work how it could do better on fancy effects than Windows Vista when you turned on the Desktop Effects and used Gnome. When the launch of Fedora 8 was announced, I just had to go and get myself one of those. I started off by upgrading my desktop at work from Fedora Core 7 to Fedora Core 8 and it seems to do a pretty good job on some counts. I had to upgrade KDE-SVN for it to work, which was just a matter of typing a "yum update kdesvn". The OpenOffice icons from my taskbar are now missing but the documents that I had placed on my desktop now have thumbnails displayed. There's lots more to it, but I guess I'll write more as I come across it.

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