Tuesday, December 25, 2007

NetBeans 6.0 bug

Although I'm a fan of NetBeans because it's a simple IDE that runs with limited memory too, I must admit that it is quite buggy. One of the features of NetBeans is that it locks the GUI code so you can't accidentally break the GUI builder. I've tried Borland's JBuilder and breaking the GUI builder with custom code was one of the problems I came across. However, when NetBeans breaks itself, I can't get into the code to change it, which is one of the complaints that I have with the IDE. I wish it had a "hack-the-code" option where I could at least change the variable names - all I did was delete a menubar and add a new menubar... when I went into code view, it still had the old menubar and used the old menubar for the frame - the new one was an unused variable!

Anyway, I guess it's back to Wordpad for me.

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Eko SW said...


I had it. It breaks in Visual Mobile Designer. And i have to recode it again!

But, I hope they fix that in RC 1, here : http://sunnytalkstech.blogspot.com/2007/11/netbeans-60-begins-rc1.html

Well, I don't think Notepad will help :)


Great to know yo