Friday, October 19, 2007

The Bionic Woman

Today is my weekend. I've been catching up with the Bionic Woman TV series and it's pretty neat. I've seen most of the episodes of the 1976 series and all the aired episodes of this year's series. I even saw the pre-air version of the first episode - they edited out a whole character! She wasn't all that pretty so who cares? :-P

The 1976 series starts off with Jamie Summers coming out of surgery to fix some of the bugs from her bionic replacement operation (in the 1976 series, Jamie Summers has a parachute-related accident). She returns home to Ojai and becomes a school teacher at an air force base and takes up some missions. Except for the 1st and 2nd episodes, all the others are pretty much disconnected.

In the 2007 series, Jamie Summers is carrying and shortly after meeting up with Will, her boyfriend to tell him about her pregnancy, she has a vehicle accident caused by Sara, the first bionic woman, suffers injuries and the only way to save her is through bionic replacement. Sara meets up with her a couple of times and in the 3rd episode she tells Jamie she is dying and needs her help... Sara took up bionic replacement before the technology was perfected and wants Jamie to go back with her to try some of the 'upgrades' as a fix.

Update: I watched episode 4 today and apparently Jamie has her clock ticking just like Sara does. The project sponsor does promise to work on a cure at the end of the episode.

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